Being among one of the 100 most streamed songs in the world on Spotify with his debut single was probably not in the mind of this young boy from Nesodden, Norway, as he began playing the piano at the age of 7. But that’s excactly what happened to Norwegian artist Madden, born Marius Njøstad, who in the beginning of 2016 released the Norwegian super hit “Golden Light” (feat. 6AM). Little did he know that his very first single, not long after releasing it, would have over 16 million plays in Spotify (leaving it in the streaming services top charts both in Norway, as well as in the rest of the Nordic countries), and having it playlisted on the majority of Norwegian radio stations.  “Golden Light”, with its organic piano intro mixed with electronic drops and overall feel-good vibe, seems to be destined to become the soundtrack of this summer.

Madden´s musical journey is that of a musical chameleon. Starting with jazz and classical piano, his musical interests evolved during his teenage years. He completed a Bachelor´s Degree from The Norwegian Academy of Music and in his ear-ly twenties discovered electronic dance music. The culmination of his experience and the coming together of his classical and jazz background can be heard in his 2016 EDM-sound, revealing Madden as a talented musician, producer, and most notably a distinctly unique artist.

As a part of the former producer-duo Kontaktor, Madden won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest as well as the Lennon Award for best electronic music for their song Bocce Ball. In 2011 this resulted in an invitation to attend a master class with hitmakers Stargate (Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ne-Yo) in New York. Two years later, they co-wrote CLMD´s “The Stockholm Syndrome” feat. Frøder (under the alias Kish), and the single earned airplay on Pete Tong´s Essential Selections on BBC1, SiriusXM, as well as on Norwegian broadcasting radio NRKP3. In addition to this Madden has collaborated with several other musical acts, including Lido, Proviant Audio and Philip Emilio.

2016 is the beginning of a new era for Madden. After years of producing and writing songs for other artists, it is now his turn to step into the spotlight. Finding inspiration from people around him and music and art from various cultures and eras, he will continue to explore musical genres, cross musical borders, combine his past with the future, and give us music that we love.